Saturday, 1 May 2010

NA1 --Uncountable & Plural Nouns

In NA1 we are looking at these especial uncountable and plural nouns in unit 6B...

Learn more about them here.

I hope you leave a comment after you read this!
Nice weekend to all my sweet students!

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Uncountable and Plural Nouns Na1



Toni M. M. said...

Hi everybody (at least Seño, I hope...)
Have to recognize I was not aware of my ignorance on this subject. I feel so discouraged and frustrated ...I will not say anything about my mistakes in the exercises.
Well, thank goodness I could print
the grammar. Next step is studying it and practice more!
Greetings to all.
Have a nice weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Carla Bruni was here again, you know... I'm your worst nightmare.
Well, first of all, I'm going to say to Mrs.Dulce that this time the exercises were so difficult, so... congratulations darling! I sweated while I've done it, because I'm not a buffin (cerebrito)

How Toni said, I made some mistakes, and of course I need to practice more. Sometimes we thought a matter is easy to learn, but when you start doing it, you realized what difficult learn English is. However, it doesn't matter, is a question of time.

Dear Toni, I hope you fueling your car, because last weekend was a real disaster, I've never saw myself walking back home. You're the type of man I like, but you have to be more detailed, a woman can not dine at resturants so dirty and crappy, I hope your best!! :-)

Nice weekend everybody and congratulations to all mothers.

Kisses to all ones!

Toni M. M. said...

Dear Carla Bruni,
I'm completely surprised when I read your odious lies.
But partly understand you, because your frustration came when I refused to show you my bedroom.
When I realized you were looking for a passion night, I tried to escape from home, and the only restaurant that was open was 'SIROCO': a popular and crowded place in Arucas, where you could feel terribly uncomfortable to ask me to leave. In other words: the perfect place and my salvation that night!
You must have been confused, and your intentions did not coincide at all with mine. I am a honest gentleman and would never do an indecent proposal to a least someone who is not attractive, as is your case. Let's say... you're not my type!
Peace & Love,
Toni MM

Anonymous said...

Toni be careful with this girl, I think she is quite dangerous, she is like a wild cat. (grgrgrgr)
She is also trying to keep your expensive car. jajajaja


Nuria said...

Hello to all!!

I also have realized that I have to review the Grammar about countable/uncountable nouns... I tested my self before read the grammar rules and I have made mistakes in both exercises (especially in number 1)...
Thanks, Dulce!

Hope that you enjoy the Sunday, big kisses for all Mums, and if you have the possibility to pass the day with yours, make her very, very happy!!! See you on Tuesday!!


Dulce said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments

Boys Boys Boys (girl?)
Pleeeeease !
Stop these discussions here. People are going to think this is your 'Liberation Place' rather than <dulce's blog, especially designed so that her students could improve thier English and blah blah blah

So apologize to each other and be good friends again, will you?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Anonymous said...

Darling, darling... don't be sad.

You are right, and when someone has a reason (especially our teacher)jajaja ... the best thing is to recognize our mistakes. So, for my part .. I apologize for arguing in public with my partner Toni.

Anyway, you should stay calm, we haven't stopped our friendship. Toni and me, we just were giving to our partners some exclusive gossip news.

Congratulations mothers, today is your special day, enjoy it a lot.

Your dear Carla.

Laura said...

Hi everybody! … Am I on time? The weekend is too short 8-) … at least we don’t have classes on Monday!!!!
I did it all the exercises, Dulce!! the one that I liked most was the second one …. I’ve got almost all of their correct!
I hope you all had had a lovely Mother’s day!!! I had!!! :D
See ya tomorrow!!!

Jeannette Rendon said...

Hi everybody,

I forgot my new English exercises. If I had knewn before that Carla was flirting with Toni, I would had invited them a romantic dinner. But another time will be.
I thought this exercises will be aeasy but I was wrong.