Saturday, 15 May 2010



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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Good advice Dulce, although I suposse we are going to be nervous... at less me, I'm bitting my nails before do the exams, in fact I have no nails. (LOL) No, I'm sorry, I'm lying.

Well the exams are here and also the end of this English course, it's time to show how much we've been learning

The best way to pass the exams is study, practice and learn as much as you can. And of course, try to relax yourself, having a cold shower, doing yoga or something similar and taking deep breaths. (All this advice are for free)

Good luck to everybody!!

Juan Ramón

Toni M. M. said...

Tk u for the advice... Some tips are always welcome, very helpful.

C-U on Tuesday (our last class before exams!)
Toni MM

Jeannette said...

Thanks for these advices. But sometimes is impossible not to be nervous.

Nuria said...

Hello to all!!!

Thank you so much for the advices!!! And good luck for the exams!

Best Regards,

Noé said...

I think it is a really good advice because now i feel better and quiet.however..tomorrow...maybe i wont be able to feel like that. Ok dont worry my friends, i know everybody will be lucky !!

Good Night! ill see you tomorrow!!

Dont study more, and go to bed!!


luisfeote said...

Hello every one, today I had my writing here at la laguna eoi and I´m sorry to say that I forgot to follow some of your tips, because of the stress at the moment, what it would have been of great help
thanks anyway
before go I´d like to share with all of you this tool

Dulce said...

Thanks everyone for commenting on this sweet blog...
And thanks Luii feote, I really hope you pass tour test , anyway!!!