Tuesday, 11 May 2010

NI1- Exam Practice

In NI1 we are looking at Icons and Heroes of our time (unit 6C)
I've downloaded this biography about Marilyn Monroe from the web so you can practice for your Reading test!




Tania said...

This tipe of exercise where we have to fill the gaps are a litle dificult, and it´s easy to confuse...but this is it!!!

Laura said...

This kind of exercise is ‘all in one’!!
Grammar, vocabulary, prepositions. … I had 50% …. Ups! …. I’m coming back to the book … ;-)
See ya tomorrow!

Jeannette said...

As usually, I realized that Dulce made a exercises in her web page. I love this kind of exercise becaus they are easy, you have the words, but I hate the other ones where you have to fill up the gap but without any words.
Thanks again Dulce