Friday, 26 June 2009



Sweeter said...

Quiz Answers
Here are the answers to the quiz. Make special note of the verb conjugations or form:
1. He did an excellent job at the meeting last week.
2. May I make a telephone call?
3. Please stop making so much noise!
4. She did her homework before she went to bed.
5. Would you like me to make you a cup of tea?
6. I'm afraid you won't do OR aren't doing any good.
7. Look at your room! You made OR have made a mess!
8. It took him a long time to make a decision.
9. Do you mind doing the washing-up this evening?
10. We are making plans for our next holiday at the moment.
11. What are you doing? - Oh, I am not doing anything at the moment.
12. I guess I can make an exception to the rule this time.
13. What shall we do OR are we going to do this evening?
14. I know you did your best last week.
15. I wish you would make an effort on this exam.

Anonymous said...

¡¡Chacha!! Vete ya de vaciones que nos vas a volver locos....jajaja. Milord from heaven.

Sweeter said...

Donde yo voy de vacaciones hay también internet!!!! Ay dios mío. Los vicios son así amorrrllr.

Davinia said...

Me niego a hacer deberes en verano, si es que sólo te falta montártelo en plan cuadernillo Santillana! Jeje, es bromita. Mola repasar, que el cerebro es vago... bsss

Sweeter said...

That's my girl! Once a week kills no one!
Love you!