Saturday, 17 July 2010

Lover Boy

This song I've always loved. It's an old, classic song but with lots of meaning. As many others, in my old times, it helped me improve my English. I hope it does so to you too!
The only video I got with the original version is the silly one below (sorry). I see no connection between the song and the video, that's why I made it really small.
Hoping you enjoy it...
Nice weekeend to everyone!


lover boy



Anonymous said...

A good song to learn enough, because the musical rhythm is calm. I love to keep my English during the summer, I can't afford to past three months without checking my English. Of course, I love this type of listening exercises.

For all this and much more, thank you very much as always Dulce.

By the way, my answers are as follows. I do not know if I have any right ... LOL

1.heart, 2.lies, 3.realize, 4.head, 5.title, 6.line, 7.satisfy, 8.clothes, 9.combs, 10.
fixed, 11.shoe, 12.lights, 13.affair

I forgot one small detail ... we are WORLD CHAMPIONS (now we have a small star in our national shirt)

Dressing to kill!!

Dul said...

Oh THANK YOu C. Bruni for writing down the answers.
Very well done!
I am more than pleased to know you come to my blog in summer... If it is ONLY for you, it'll be ok for me and I'll keep on posting things.

You are great!
ANd YES WE are the CHAMPIONS, my friend and we kept on fighting till the end... No time for losers any more!


Toni M. M. said...

Hi People!
I'm already here.

Like this song, I think it's easy to fill the gaps... Anyway, it will help to improve my rusty English.

Hope to see u soon!

Toni (The Canarian Pilgrim)