Friday, 7 May 2010

Contrast & Purpose Clauses--- NA1

* Further practice on the clauses of contrast:
Although, though, even though, despite, In spite of...
and purpose
to, for, so as to, in order to, so that

Click on the following links and enjoy yourself ;-)




Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

Despite the fact that I don't understand very well the rules, and although it's a little difficult to assimilate them, I've done the exercises in order to improve my poor English, as a result I now understand a little

1st 5/9
2nd 6/8
3rd 10/10

Note: The first exercise was quite difficult

Nice weekend to all ones.

Loreal, because I'm worth it, by Juan Ramón

Toni M. M. said...

Hi Dulce!
I've already done the exercises, except the last one (I couldn't visualized that link...)
Anyway, my results were better than I expected, so it deserves a very cold genuine beer: A HEINEKEN BEER!!
Hugs to all, and have a terrific weekend!

Dulce said...

You TWO are the BEST of all the best who are so 'best' as well... if you know what I mean...
thanks for being here and improving your English and being thankful and taking advantage of this Blog created for people like YOu,
in order to, so as to and in spite of...
evething else!

Nuria said...

Thank you for posting the grammar and the exercises. The most difficult exercise for me has been the first one.
I'll review the grammar in order to improve myself!!!!

See you on Tuesday!!

teddytrump said...

I try the test, and found many mistakes :p

Jeannette said...

Hi everybody,
I have done these exercises and I though I had come back to NB1. The first one was so difficult the most easy was the last one.
Thanks Dulce to try to improve our english.

Dulce said...

The most easy?

What about the easIEST?

Teacher maniac! LOL

QUIQUE said...

I have done these exercises in a sucessful way. I think they have been useful exercises in order to revise contrast and purpose clauses.

See you soon!

Enrique R. S.