Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The Lonely Man and the Myth of Ownership

Pretend you were the only person on earth. You were born from unknown origins and have always lived alone. Let’s say that you are also completely self-sufficient and can survive complete isolation..

Now tell me, what would you own?

You wouldn’t be able to answer that because the concept doesn’t make sense to you. Without other people to compare, trade, boast and compete with ownership is an illusion. There is no stuff that is yours and not yours, just the world.

This is why forsaking all goods doesn’t free you from the tight chains of consumerism. You are falling for the myth of ownership and fighting against it. But the person truly free of this grasp will realize you can’t fight something that doesn’t exist. Canceling the dualistic reasoning of mine and not mine, is the first step...

I Shop Therefore...                                                            

(Answers in Comment 1) ;-)


Dulce said...

Answer KEY:
1.deny 2. Human 3. expect 4.against 5.filled 6.all 7.piece 8.to 9. Such 10. Abyss 11. Facets 12. Inner 13. For 14. Over 15. Tokens 16. into

Anonymous said...

Hi Dulce!!
I haven't visited your bolg this year until today... but I will definitely visit it more often!
Anyway..thanks for your help, it's really usefull for us to improve our English.
with love from

Pat said...

We really had a good time at school today... I loved the thetre workshop and and the Bollywood dance was great fun!!!


Anonymous said...

intersting post is interesting...

Carla said...

Hi Teacher,

Answers: 11/16 Not bad, but I need to improve it and revise consumerism vocabulary of course... this year is being very hard, although my main motto is: impossible is nothing, so I'm going to follow my way just to improve more and more. Dulce good job, very useful activity.. thx for share!!

Take care friend.