Monday, 24 October 2016

Writing ... childhood recollections

    My favorite childhood memory that sticks out in my head was my dad taking me to see Star Wars when I was six years old. It is the first movie I remember going to see though I don't think it was my first. I remember being transported into this fascinating world and when Luke rescued Leah the audience cheered and applauded. It was so much fun I expected every movie to be like that. Of course it wasn't though I've been a movie buff and especially a science fiction fan ever since (MARK)

    My most cherished childhood memory was learning how to read. It wasn't easy but once I did I had that skill for life and nobody could take it away from me. I especially love reading Curious George. Those books really bring a smile to my face. .. that monkey going on all sorts of adventures. I remember one book where he used newspaper to make a special boat that he went in with the man with yellow hat. Pretty funny that is what I remember from my childhood. (PHILIP)

ACTIVITY: d) Student’s book – page 21.

 Imagine you were asked to contribute to the book When we were young.  Choose one of the headings in a) and write a paragraph about your childhood -either a specific incident or / and things which happened habitually.

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Dulce said...

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Marcos said...

Hello, I'm Marcos and i gonig to talk about one childhood memory.

When I was five or six years old, I used to live with my mother in Fuerteventuta. On these days, I would go out to play with my best friend Ayoze. One day we were running on the field around ours houses. There were lot of wrechages next to the houses because there had been a construction. We were playing when suddenly I steped on an huge nail with my letf foot. I was the most painful moment of my life because the nail passed through my shoe and my sock.

Ruth said...

School holidays

My father has always loved music, and, since I was a child, he would play his CDs on the radio at home.
So, when I was too little, whenever I heard a song that I liked, I used to run to my living room and start "dancing" happily; I spinned around and around for many minutes until I was tired or dizzy, and then I seated on the couch as I saw the whole room turning around me while the music kept playing. The most curious thing is that I enjoyed that!

Dulce said...

Dear Marcos and Ruth,
Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. Really interesting stories.
A positive mark for you both ;-)

Héctor said...


When I was a child I saw the movie "Jaws". In this movie a shark devours all the people of the beach. So I was very dread when I was taking a swim at the beach or even in the swimming-pool. When I went to the beach or the swimming-pool I was always ready to get away from the water. At that time border was my best friend.

Estela Rm said...


When I was 8 years, more or least, my neighbors, who were my close friends, used to go to their grandmother’s house every single Sunday. They were five children and I loved playing with them. In that moment, the situation was maddening since I knew that they arrived at 7 o’clock, and I was always waiting for them on the corner of my roof every Sunday, until I saw the car arrived. Then, I felt very anxious to go to their house to play with them, all the evening.

celyne said...

When I was a child, about 6 or 7 years I went to the toilet before going to bed. On the wall there was a big spider running up on the wall. I screamed and when my mother came into she screamed louder than me. I felt petrified, and my father came and crashed the spider. I had a terrible nightmare this night and still now I suffer from arachnophobia.

Anne Boleyn said...


Being I very small,at the age of 5 or 6 years, a incident happened to me in the kindergarden. Our teacher decided to leave us alone for a few minutes and in that moment I drove a pencil to another child, concretely in his face near of a eye. Probably It was the most terrifying event in my childhood, I had never been so frightened.

Dulce said...

Thank you Héctor, EStella, Celyne and Anne Boleyn!
Very well done!

Fabiola said...

AS a child my idea of the death was that when we died we went into a huge black hole in the space,falling down and dissapearing like being in a twister.I suppose this happened after my granpa´s died.I used to go to bed and after closing my eyes i could see this escene repetly and i got very scared.I knocked at my parents´s bedroom´s door but they couldn´t hear me and i would lay down on the floor next to their door,rolled in a blanket like a sushi and fall asleep.This is a sad short time i remember from my childhood of my first contact with the death.