Friday, 14 January 2011

Are you getting Bald?

Here is an interesting piece of BBC News
on why we men go bald!

Enjoy it!



Steve E said...

Interesting 'piece' of news. (Interesting news?). Anyway--I like bald, wish I was. But even so, I'd just buy a hat if I did not like my head-shape.

Thank you, teacher for pointing out this issue--grin, grin!!!

Dulce said...

By the way I am not a man... and I'm not getting bald, thanks God.
Yes this is an interesting PIECE of news, indeed.

Carla said...

Hey there, how things going?

I'm speechless about this article, it's so interesting... but is it true?

Thanks God, I'm not either a man. So I have no problems with my long and beautiful hair, but I should recognize I like bald men... they're so attractive!! I prefer shave men.

By the way, this is a piece of information (see English grammar about these words: news, advice and even information), no question.

Take care my dear teacher!



Dulce said...

Yes, Carla I know about your long, shiny blonde hair... so this is not the piece of info for you... sorry


Toni M.M. said...

An interesting link, Sweet Dulce.

I agree with you about Carla's long hair. I know she takes care everyday her mane with cucumber juice an "Herbal Essences".

Please, Carla: GRANT ME AN APPOINTMENT!! Will take red roses, I promise!