Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Answers to HW

When you know you don't belong- READING:

1B   2A   3C   4B   5D   6C   7A   8C

Have you ever lived a similar experience? Or, does anyone close to you had one? PLEASE, LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us!
Grammar Bank 3B
  1. Not until years later did I realize my mistake.
  2. Never had we seensuch magnificent scenery.
  3. Not only did they dislike her, bu they also hated her family.
  4. Only when we had read his autobiography did we understand what he had really suffered.
  5. Hardly had we started to eat when we heard someone...
  6. Rarely have I read such a badly written novel.
  7. Not until the sun set did we put down our tools and rest.
  8. Not only was the hotel room depressing, but also cold/ it was cold as well.
  9. Only when it was unusually cold did they light the fire.
  10. No sooner had he gone to sleep than there was a knock on the door.
  11. ... Only then did I realize he full scale of the disaster.
  12. Scarcely had I destroyed the evidence when the police arrived.
  13. Never has he regretted the desicion he took on that day.
  14. Only when I had spoken to the manager was the problem sorted out.

1 comment:

Dulce said...

Fortunately, I have never lived a situation like that, although I beleive that the souls are near us. Mine are good ones...
My husband, though, did have a weird experience once when he was working in La Palma. He stayed with a colleague at an empty convent at night, and they had to leave in the middle of the night because they were scared to death: they could hear the sound of chains dragging and people crying...But there was nobody else there!!!!!