Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saint Patrick's Day

On March 17th they celebrate
Saint Patrick
The patron saint of IRELAND*
Here you have a few activities to know about it...

1. A reading activity. See here.
2. Listen and watch the funny video below and
do activity:
Click to see/print it.

*Find more about Saint Patrick holiday and traditions HERE!
KEY to activities.

I hope you enjoy it and improve your English and knowledge of Irish Culture!


Anonymous said...

Although I'm a Belgian shepherd and a bilingual dog, it's difficult to me doing this kind of activitie and choosing the correct word to fill the gaps but, in this case,I undestood perfectly the story and I didn't a lot of mistakes.I'll try the listening tomorrow because there is a delicious bone waiting for me.Milord from heaven.

Josa said...

I loved it! I didn't know these aspects from Saint Patrick's history.It was very interesting for me (because Ireland has a special place in my heart since it was the first place I visited when I first travelled abroad). The activities were adecuated to our level and eventhough I couldn't understand all the things people said in the videos (yes, I've seen all of them. I loved this webpage and I think it's very useful) I understood the general aspects. Thank you for this discovery =o)

Verónica said...

Listening have been interesting but a little difficult for me !!! I will have to listen again and again ... and I hope improve my English. Bye bye sweterdulce ...

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I think this video is really funny because the more you listen it the more you realize what stupid and incredible finish it will have.They dyed the beer green'..hahaha.
I think that kind of exercise help us to improve our English and it isn't very difficult.It's perfect for our level.Milord from heaven

Anonymous said...

Hello Dulce, I´m Nazaret, the listening is very funny, but there are some words that I don´t understand. I think is easy although the narrator is drunk enough, isn´t he? See you tomorrow,bye.

Borja said...

Hi Dulce!
I enjoyed the Saint Patrick day activities.I especially liked the listening activity because the drunk narrator reminded my self after four or maybe five paints of Guiness, jeje. I found the reading activity more dificult but it's ok for our level.
Reading activity mark_ 15/17
Listening activity mark_ 19/20
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

The best activity no doubts, the video, what a frightening voice! It must be the funniest day for them, almost I can imagine myself taking a walk through streets full of drunk and bearded men.
I had listened the Saint Patrick's name before, but sincerely I had no idea about the story.


Asenet said...

Funny listening! I didn´t find it difficult and I laugh a lot while I was listening with the drunk narrator.
C u tomorrow!

Sweeter said...

Thanks a lot to all of you who have been so nice and thankful and left a comment on this entry.

Pablo said...

Hello. About the reading, I learned so much about Saint Patrick, specially the part which speaks about the celebration in USA.

The listening was difficult for me and I listened it about ten times to write the answers. However, I enjoyed with the history. I must try the green beer!


Reading: 11/17
Listening: 17/20.

Best wishes. Pablo.

Orlando said...

Hey Dulce!!
Congratulations for your blog!! It´s very well, I´ll hope to have, one blog in the future, but I´m spending so much time in internet all the days, and if i had a blog, I would spend so much time than now. See you tomorrow. KISSES

Ofe said...

Hi Dulce, your blogspot is very interesting, and I'm embarrased because of I don't write you before. I had to repeat the listening because although was very easy for me at first, in the middle and in the end it was more difficult. The reading is not easier than the listening.
c.u. on monday

Ofe NI1

Orlando said...

HI DULCE!! COngratulations for your blog, I´m so expected because It´s incredible. I wanto to have one of this but I spend so much time in internet, and if i had a blog, I wouldn´t stuady xDD. SEE YOU AND KISSES.

Anonymous said...

Heyy Dulcee!!! Congratulations for your blog!! I think u must have been working on this website hardly!!! i wouldn´t be able to do something like this!!!
The listening was so funny ahahha that drunk man didnt pronounce very well but i could understand most of his words!! Anyway, those videos encouraged me to participate in san patrick´s day one hahahaha!!!
Kisses, Grétel.

Grétel said...

Hey dulcee!!! I think u must have been working very hard on this website, i woulndt be able to do something like this.
The listening was so funny, that drunk man didnt pronounce very well but i could understand most of his words. This video encouraged me to participate on san patrick´s day one day ahahahha.
Kisses gretel.

Sweeter said...

thank you I love youu all