Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The most satisfying part of my job is the people I work for: My Students.

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pili said...

I love this picture! Have you really been turned into a work of art? ;P

Orlando said...

eyy dulce como hiciste esa foto?? yo tb kierooooo enseñame jejejeje

Sweeter said...

it takes hours, a long course and it's my secret, sorry.But thank you for your comments on it.

OFE said...

Hey Dulce, what was the course did you do for doing this kind of photograhs? I love it kinds of things.

Sweeter said...

thank you... But It's a secret!!
(I really think you must improve your English... My classes do not seem to be enough?!!!
Revise the FOUR mistakes you've commited in your comment)
Sorry, but I'm your teacher... I can't help it!

steveroni said...

What galleria where can find this big picture of Dulce and her seven sisters? Sure I like it a lot--very colorful.