Thursday, 5 February 2009

Is it safe?

Where do you carry your mobile?
Click here to see how unsafe for our health
IT can be...


Naota Nandaba said...

this video was a fake, they recognize to the audience in the news that its was a trick.
they put something hot down he table, scientist said that that was imposible because the newer is the cellphone the less micro waves send, and in the case of the oldest, you need millions of them, its imposible to make such powerful microwaves with 3 mobiles and make pop corn in less than one minute, when a microwave oven needs around three minutes with the power of million of mobiles.
P.D: yes,I was finding out that kind of things when I should be studying XD

Sweeter said...

come to class... y déjate de boberías.


Sweeter said...