Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nothing Really Matters...

Where were you when I needed you?
You did not exist.
Once You were there, but you weren't.
How typical...
Once I believed I was perfectly BOHEMIAN
and could not realize my happiness

revolved around you.
Silly me.
Expecting to be the owner
of someone else's life.
Pretending I could deal with a refusal.

Brainless me!
Now...I own my own and inner self
an apology and explanation.
For I was wrongly mistaken
I was confused and deceived
by your Charm.
Vain Charm!
Broken Heart
for unfulfilled
desires, so common!
-Just chronic.
If only....
Always if only...
But that's no longer the disguised excuse...
How unwise.
It only takes a second, a minute, an hour
and never more than a week
to make up with one's misery
Understanding as though in a RHAPSODY, though
Once you've reached the bottom
of the deepest disappointment
It goes up inevitably by itself:
And the relief comes back again...
...For there's nothing keener to be done.
...For anyway the wind blows.
God Save the Queen in Me, let's have fun.

© by Dulce Rosales


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