Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Thoughts in Pieces

  • I've recently realized how much

I take after all of you , people...

Yet, who I'm makes such a big difference!

  • Happines vanishes as soon as it comes up

And still I feel I deserve much more.

  • 'Mum, did you notice a bird was singing when we woke up this morning?'

'Yes, son, it always does.'

'So why don't we ever listen to it?'

'Why should we?'

'I feel as if it's trying to tell us something.'

'I guess so... Maybe that there's always a reason to get up. One of them, and most important: we have each other.'

  • Just a moment ago was 30 years ago.

In a minute it'll be the rest of my life.

TO My Beloved SON

© by Dulce Rosales

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