Friday, 8 October 2010

discourse markers linkers

Choose the correct answer.
  1. The concert was cancelled poor ticket sales.
  2. He pretended to like her new haircut hurt her feelings.
  3. The factory closed and many workers lost their jobs.
  4. He decided to resign from his post spend more time with his family.score
  5. The police are unable to arrest them there is not enough evidence.score
  6. her inability to arrive at work on time, she was sacked.score
  7. knowing the risks, he decided to climb the mountain alone.score
  8. it wasn't always easy, I managed to have a successful career.score

(Answers in comments...)



    Dulce said...

    1. due to
    2. in order to
    3. consequently
    4. so as to
    5. as
    6 Because of

    Judit said...

    Good evening!
    I just wanted to point out that number 2 solution is "in order not to".
    Thanks for the excercise, Dulce.