Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blue Eyes

Which  words are missing?

..Blue eyes
Baby's got blues eyes
Like a ___1___blue sea
On a blue blue day 
..Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
When the___2___ comes
I'll be far away
And I say 
Blue eyes
Holding back the __3__
Holding back the__4__ 
Baby's got blue eyes
And she's__5__again 
....Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a __6__blue sky
Watching over me 
...Blue eyes
oh...I love blue eyes 
When I'm by her __7__
Where I long to be
I will see 

Blue eyes ___8___in the sun
___8___ in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And I am home, 
and I am home again  (x2?)

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Dulce said...

1.deep -- 2.morning-- 3.tears--- 4..pain--- 5.. alone ---6..clear--- 7..side ---8..laughing

Anonymous said...

Incredible song, a little bit quiet, but it doesn't matter, the purpose is listen and to understand the missing words.

Very good exercise to keep on our English, I like it! and of course, I need to practise more and more this summer... thank you as always Dulce!

Dress to kill!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!