Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Good Turn

A short story called "One good turn", written and read by Misterduncan.

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Sweeter said...

Dear People,

How are you? I hope you are enjoying your holiday off classes…

Perhaps you think everything is over now? Hmmm…No- No- No-!!!

I really think you should keep on your English no matter how high your marks have been.

Summer is too long and forgetting is so easy!

Maybe some of you will be lucky and go to an English speaking country to practise your English, but most will not. That’s why I strongly recommend you to read, watch and listen to English stuff as much as possible.

My contribution is my blog -of course.When I am not away or abroad, I commit myself to posting something new every few days, so that you can keep your English alive and fresh during the summer for next course. They’ll be easy and simple tasks to help you with things you often do wrongly (for example, the differences between other and another; as and like, do and make, etc). Listening, reading, useful videos and songs, etc, etc

I hope you take advantage of it and PLEASE leave a comment when you enter the blog, will you?

You can start right now

That’s it for now. Take care.

I really hope you have a nice and happy summer!