Saturday, 18 June 2011

Enjoy your Sunshine Summer :-)

Hey, the course is gone and done.

Congrats to all of you whether you did it or not, everyone has surely done their best... and that's what realy matters. :-)

You'll be missed.

Hoping you keep your English alive, I'll also keep this blog alive, but close for the so needed summer holiday!

Enjoy ALWAYS! and remember to
Let the good vibes get a lot stronger

To all of you, this forever great hit song.



Carla said...

Hey Dear Teacher! What’s up?? ;-)

OMG!!! What can I say? Time flies (even the dogs in the street know that), in fact, the last six years have passed quickly and in all this time I've learning a lot, not only this wonderful foreign language (although I need to improve more and more, I started knowing nothing of English and now I know less) but also from all my English teachers and classmates.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to share all that time with all of you and, of course, to be part of this "little family" which is the Official School of Languages in Arucas.

Enjoying the summer?? It sounds great, no question... but you know I'm always splitting hairs and eager to learn new things, because I don't know how to be doing nothing (tongue-twister)... next week possibly I'm going to start revising my notes of French, of course, without forget practising my dear English... I don't like to be a couch potato, lol!!

Although words can't express what all I've been mentioning mean to me, I only can say in capital letters: THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dulce for everything, for your incredible effort, your dedication, your wonderful and useful English blogs, your love teaching us, to share your knowledge without expecting nothing in return, for being so natural as you are, and much more than all this...

I'm quite sure that I'm going to miss you so much, but don't worry we're going to keep in touch and of course, I’ll be here in your Blog supporting your invaluable work and writing stupid things like this one. Enjoy your summer holidays (you really deserve them)

Good English teachers should be like you: Better people

See ya!!


Steve E said...
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Dulcie said...

Thank you!
And yes
See ya!