Monday, 27 December 2010

Word Formation

In CAE (Cambridge Advanced Examinations) we find Use of English exercises which assess your  language command as far as grammar is concerned. I've found a few on this page (see below) which you might find useful...

JUST TO START...Read texts A & B, and in each of the gaps write a suitable word. This word should be formed from the word with the same number in the box on the right of the text. The first one has been done for you.

The only way to 0.  fitness   is through exercise. Spending your life as a 'couch potato' is almost the 1.______ thing that you can do. I'm not saying that you need to become 2._____ about keeping yourself fit and spend long miserable hours 3.______ jogging for miles in the rain every day. But it is essential that you do a minimum of 4.______ exercise . Have a 5._______ with your doctor, and then exercise 6.________according to his 7.________.
0. fit
1. health
2. fanatic
3. happy
4. day
5. discuss
6. system
7. instruct

8._______ you know someone who is 9._______ of spiders. The problem is so common that 10.______ even have a word for it - arachnophobia. No one is sure what it is that inspires this 11.______ terror. Some people believe it is the legs, the numerous eyes, or even their scuttling form of movement. Perhaps it is a 12._______ of all these things. Many people spray spiders with 13.______ as soon as they see them, despite the fact that spiders are useful in keeping down 14._______ of other insect pests in the house. Mind you, for some people anything is 15.________ to spiders!

8. Doubt
9. terror
10. psychology
11. rational
12. combine
13. insect
14. infest
15. prefer

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Perhaps a bit too easy?
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Dulce said...


1. unhealthiest
2. fanatical
3. unhappily
4. daily
5. discussion
6. systematically
7. instructions
8. Doubtless/Undoubtedly
9. terrified
10. psychologists
11. irrational
12. combination
13. insecticide
14. infestations
15. preferable

Carla Bruni said...

Hi Dulce,

Wow!! Very hard exercise, but great activity at the same time, I liked it!

English language is incredibly rich, I mean, what variety of grammar, rules, complements, vocabulary, idioms... it's so complex.

For that reason we need to pay great attention, to improve more and more by learning new things and, of course, try to practise every day to keep our English level.

Thanks to people like you that helps us to be better with your amazing work at School and give us good advise. For all this and much more, I'm very (extremely) delighted to meet you and to have the opportunity to share all your knowledge.

Thanks a lot! Take care dear,