Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Jornadas culturales 2009: PROGRAMA

YES!!! We are having some cultural days at the EOI Arucas and you are all invited to come. Activities will be on Tuesday and Wednesday evening and Thursday morning (17th-19th November). Of course you will be expected to come in your lesson time but you are free to come to any of the other activities - more information at the end of the week.

Meanwhile, you can start getting ready by preparing a cake recipe for the cake competition. Send it to and bring your cake to be judged on Wednesday evening (around 5.30) or Thursday morning (around 11am). Mmmmm - my taste buds are coming alive already!

If cooking isn't your thing, then why not take part in the mini saga competition? Write a story of no more than 50 words and hand it in to your teacher in order to compete. Here are two examples:

Nobody's Perfect

At school he had been no good at maths, but outstanding at writing and reading. But who needs arithmetic? He entered the competition with enthusiasm, and produced a brilliant, witty, profound, and paradoxical story. He was inspired. it was an absolute masterpiece. The judges sighed. Another one with 51 words.

Like Mother, like Son

Dear Mummy
I hate this boarding school. Food awful, prefects bully me.
Please take me home.
Love, David.
Dear David
Nonsense! Chin up.
Dear David
I hate this home. Food awful, nurses treat me like a child.
Fetch me immediately.

Dear Mother
Nonsense! Chin up.

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