Saturday, 5 June 2010

All the Americans Know...

Do you KNOW more than these people?


Dulce said...

Come on don't be shy to write!

Happy summer to all of my students and rest of visitors to this site.

Come from time to time. I'll be posting interesting things that will keep YOUR ENGLISH ALIVE!!!


Dulce :)

Toni M. M. said...

Well, I'll start.
All answers are incredibly amazing. The most one: "STAR WARS IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY"... OMG!!

Nice holidays to all.



Anonymous said...

Exactly five minutes ago, I thought I was one of the most ignorant person of this planet. Now, I still think the same.... but I've noticed that there are people more ignorant than me, which I thought should be impossible. In two words... INCRE DIBLE!!

I think we should read and learn every day something new, and of course, never leave this healthy habit.

Nice summer to all my colleagues. See you next course!!!

Juan Ramón