Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tigers... A documentary .

Sir David Attenborough is Britain's best-known natural history film-maker. His career as a naturalist and broadcaster has spanned nearly five decades and there are very few places on the globe that he has not visited.
Over the last 25 years he has established himself as the world's leading natural history programme maker with several landmark BBC series, including: Life on Earth (1979), The Living Planet (1984), The Trials of Life (1990), The Private Life of Plants (1995), The Life of Birds (1998), The Life of Mammals (2002) and Life in the Undergrowth (2005).
‘The final chapter in the Life series, Life in Cold Blood is surely a grand finale to David’s survey of life on earth.‘
* Here I present you the first of a series of six parts of a breathtaking documentary. If you like wildlife, if you like animals, if you especially like tigers, this a good opportunity for you to watch, learn and listen to good English!

Click to see PART 2, PART 3, PART4, PART 5, PART 6


Sweeter said...

I love my new Summer template. And I love this post because I love all types of cats...tiny or huge.

Anonymous said...

...What's happened here? Is this the Sweeter's blog? The more you improve it, the more I like it.

Every time I watch some work by Sir David Attenborough,I always think that,nowadays, the best natural history film-maker would be Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente if he hadn't died because, he was a pioneer in this type of job and natural history filmakers from the rest of the world started to use
his skill, included Sir David.
My love for animals was born when I watched Felix and Jacques Cousteau on TV.
Thanks for those videos.Milord from heaven.

Sweeter said...

Your English has improved a lot! Now I can never find a mistake in what you write. I am happy and proud of you because of that. Relaxing is the best way to show your knowledge.
You really make me feel proud of myself... always flattering me and what I do.
I love you and admire you sensitiveness.